Hi, I’m Deshawn Johnson.
Founder Of SVGE Performance

Like you, I struggled to acheive the most attractive body. I spent 100s of hours online trying trying to find how the hottest models got the best bodies, but I got 100s of different answers. I tried all the strict diets from Keto to Paleo that were popular, all the workout strategies that some of my favorite celebrities followed, but it didn’t take me long to quit everything and get back to where I started. No results and my energy felt horrible.
Nothing was able to crack the code to get that irresistible body. There’s a certain definition that blows people away. The type that’s athletic, lean, and chiseled like a granite statue of a Greek God.
Then, when I was trying to achieve my dream body again, eating the same bland diet and hours of long exercises I was seeing my favorite models do… it hit me.
The obvious truth was right in my face! How could I be so oblivious?
The reason why I was constantly failing was this:
I was trying to adjust into an eating habit, into a workout routine, into a body type that was completely different from me and that wasn’t scientifically proven to work with how the body is naturally. Everything I was doing was designed to confuse people!
So, I did the unthinkable.
I spent years doing research on different studies with how the body operates and tested many fitness programs. Then I began putting pieces together in a system that was consistent with getting results fast. It was simple, easy to follow, and the healthiest for my body.
Having the best looking physique is the biggest advantage in life!
I got more attention and dates everywhere I went and big brands emailed me daily.
I felt strong and confident!

And Now, I Am In The Best, Most Chiseled Physique Of My Life

After achieving the dream body I wanted, I knew for a fact that if everyone else had a diet plan and workout program designed for them, they would achieve their dream body in no time and keep it that way for life. So, I did what any smart person would do. I helped 1000s of men and women transform the way they looked by giving them a systematic step-by-step program that’s customized for them, not the other way around.